Distillation Processing and Still Equipment

Laboratory, pilot and large scale distillation systems

Pope Scientific is a world leader in design and development of distillation processes and equipment that range in scale from laboratory, to pilot and large scale production systems.

Pope’s full range of distillation process equipment includes

Wiped FIlm Molecular Still Evaporators

Wiped-Film Molecular (Short Path) Stills and Evaporators

Fractional Distillation Systems

Batch and Continuous Fractional Distillation Systems

Hybrid Wiped FIlm Molecular Distillation

Hybrid Wiped-Film / Fractional Distillation Systems

In addition, Pope has an expert staff that can assist with the evaluation, testing and development of special distillation processes that fit a broad variety of requirements.

Pope offers a full service solution that encompasses process development, technology, equipment and distillation services at one source. Pope Scientific has the capability to work with a wide variety of customer applications, with either off-the-shelf or customized products and custom equipment.

Providing Equipment, Services, &
Technology to Labs, Pilot Plants, &
Production Processing Worldwide For 50 Years

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